Regain Clarity, Build Confidence, Gain Momentum and Tackle the challenges you are facing right now in your business, life and career.

What is a Blockbuster Session and when do you need it?

Blockbuster sessions are designed to help you tackle specific issues and problems that you are facing right now in your business or your life.

Whether you are a business leader, entrepreneur or professional, you will eventually get cluttered up with the daily grind and lose that long-term vision or simply clarity on what your best next step is.

Blockbuster session will provide you with a burst of energy that will blast you past your current problems by equipping you with the specific tools and motivation you need to solve it right away and get the results you want.

You will get focused and gain momentum because these sessions will get you looking at you do creatively and with proven, profound business and personal development principles.

Most of all, you will get moving again with specific action steps towards achieving what you really want. 


What are Blockbuster Sessions suitable for?

If you are currently suffering from:

  • Loss of motivation
  • Declining sales
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Procrastination
  • Lower than expected performance
  • Feeling stuck and confused
  • Feeling out of your natural “flow”
  • Feeling overwhelmed and so busy with “putting out fires” that you can’t make strategic decisions about your business when you need to…
  • Analysis Paralysis (can't decided what you should do next)


How does it work?

Here’s how it goes:

  • 1


    I send you a few “warm up” questions, which are tailored to your situation specifically. Whatever it is, the questions will help me focus in on your challenges.

  • 2

    Blockbuster Meet Up

    We meet up, either via phone/Skype or in person. During our meeting, we will: – Clear your head – Get right into tackling the issues and challenges you are facing – Define what needs to be done – And develop a specific plan of action, so you can move right away

  • 3

    You BUST what is blocking your Growth, make important decisions and get FIRED UP!

    The goal in this step is to target one or two issues, make quick decisions about them and blast full steam ahead so you head is clear and you know exactly where you are going.

The aim of the whole process is FAST results.

We look at a specific problem you have RIGHT NOW, and we solve it by helping you to make decisions and commit to a plan of action you can follow right away!

We do this by focusing on identifying untapped value and underperforming areas and we design concise strategies to turn these into high leveraging activities.

No gimmicks, just straight advice that will accelerate your results.

There are a few different options of Blockbuster Sessions available, choose what suits you better:

Bronze Session
  • 30-minute session via Skype
  • MP3 file (Skype sessions only)
  • Get expert opinion or advice on products, services or best course of action
  • Get unstuck, make important decision and gain momentum
Gold Session
  • 60-minute session in person or via Skype
  • MP3 file (Skype sessions only)
  • 2 page action plan (email after session)
  • Follow up 15 minute call within 14 days to check on your progress
  • Get expert opinion or advice on products, services or best course of action
  • Get unstuck, make important decision and gain momentum

Still not sure if a Blockbuster Session is for you?

Don’t worry, I offer a full money back guarantee on everything I offer.

I guarantee results!

If you are not 100 % satisfied with your results or our conversation, you get your money back.

Just like that.

This is not just good service to you but to me as well…

I am committed to getting results. No results. No reason for my business to exist.

Either we produce results or you get your money back


The Blockbuster Session is truly a fantastic way for us to start working together. Specific, quick and very actionable, we get to the root of what is holding you back and find a way to solve it immediately.

But don’t just take my word for it, look at these responses I have gotten from previous clients who loved what I could do for them:

“One of the best coaches I have ever had. He is passionate, charismatic, intelligent, attentive to detail and very good with people and communication. Eduardo became my coach in 2010 and since then I have grown my Business consistently. The lessons I’ve learned were powerful and inspired me to act, which has always brought result and new insights. The classes and sessions with him are always interesting and substantial. I highly recommend Eduardo’s skills and talent to anyone seeking answers and ideas to improve their business, career and personal development. He is an amazing teacher, a very wise man.”

Ronaldo Fulieri, Ronaldo's Kitchen

“Eduardo is inspiration-in-person. You know, one of those guys that, by just having him around and chatting a couple of minutes about goals, life, career, you suddenly want to quit what you’re doing and move towards your dreams?
That’s Eduardo! A couple of months ago, I found myself in a new country, having some difficulties with changing my career, wanting a fresh start in a new industry, but not sure how to make it happen… Well, I had one single session of coaching with Eduardo and that opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Long story short, I am now employed, working in a new industry and moving towards my goals and dreams. If you want to get inspired, find your passion or ignite your creativity, I fully recommend Eduardo!”

Marcelo Borges da Cruz

Eduardo helped me to open my mind.  He showed me how to apply techniques to excel in my studies and helped me understand that you could be happy doing what you love.

Pablo Nacarato

Eduardo has an ability of tapping into people head and show them how to compartmentalise their thoughts, so they are able to move towards their goals.”

Gay Mackay , Author and Teacher